Green Fields is 30

In July 2020, the team at Green Fields Farm Shop celebrated three decades of trading! 30 years on, and our store in Donnington has expanded over time, still with a firm focus on customer service and providing only the highest quality products available. The store in Priorslee opened some nine years ago, and has now firmly found its feet. 

We are helped tremendously by local suppliers such as Malcolm Wickstead’s Butchers, Wenlock Edge Farm, Swift’s Bakery, Crystal’s Cupcakes, Ben’s eggs and many more, who regularly deliver to our stores so your baskets can be full of the finest produce. With suppliers just on our doorstep it makes our job so much easier when we need top up deliveries, and we know our producers as friends.

Throughout time, we have managed to employ numerous staff, who immediately become part of the ‘Greeners Family’. As a company reliant on people’s love for everything local, we relay this theme onto the people we employ, hiring students and a team of part-time, flexible workers. One individual however has overseen the business’ growth since its birth in 1990. Starting as a Saturday job at fourteen, Natalie Walker dived into her job with dedication and for the last twenty-five years has ran the business as the Manager, pushing the business to thrive to what it is today.

During the business’ life, we as a shop have adapted to numerous cultural changes. The rise of a vegan lifestyle allowed us to learn and adapt to our customer’s dietary requirements. With a bigger awareness of dietary intolerances, we immersed a wide range of gluten, dairy and nut free products into our stock, to ensure anyone who entered our stores could find something to enjoy. The recent Coronavirus pandemic increased the pressure on our store heavily, with the local area being reliant on our delivery service and our stores have seen a huge increase in footfall. This challenge was taken on board as an opportunity and has shown how hard-working our team truly is.

As a company, we have come a long way from the small shop we once were, with a strawberry picking field being our main attraction. After three decades of experience, the shop has now flourished into a great source of fresh produce, catering and buffets, and a reliable delivery service to the community of Telford.

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